Hinkley Point C

The construction of Hinkley Point C will create an unprecedented employment opportunity for the population of Somerset.  During construction around 5000 people will work on site over a wide range of roles, making it a great time to train, retrain or improve skills. This will help to encourage local people to be recruited to new jobs, associated with Hinkley Point C.

To register your interest in working at Hinkley Point C or to find further information please visit: Working for Hinkley

Job Centre Plus are working with Hinkley Point C to offer training to people who are unemployed and encourage take up of the new opportunities on offer.

An new scheme has been launched through the HAWK Group and Somerset College offering apprenticships and traineeships in Construction Plant Operations.  Further details can be obtained by contacting Katy Parsons on 01823 366704 or email

Somerset also has an active Employment Skills Board working with businesses, schools, colleges and other relevant agencies to ensure that the young people entering the job market are prepared for working life and have skills appropriate for the work.

Further information on this Board is available at