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IntoSomerset - Helping Businesses to Relocate and Thrive in Somerset

Unlocking Business Investment Grant
Grant available to eligible growing businesses that are able to provide job creation as part of their development plans.
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Business Toolkit
Working as a joined-up Council with West Somerset means we are able to provide a comprehensive business toolkit. The toolkit offers advice and information on a range of areas to help businesses improve their business evaluation, operations, product development, marketing and communication. 
The toolkit is broken up over five interactive pdf files, each containing numerous tools and can be found in our Resources area.

This toolkit cannot address every specific need. It has been deliberately designed to not be over complicated and for users to dip in and out as required. Therefore feel free to tailor the guidance or use it as a starting point to research further for your own business. Also remember - things change, so use this toolkit alongside your own research to ensure you are right up to date.

Also don't forget to check out intoSomerset, they have lot of information to help businesses relocate and thrive in Somerset.